266. Pity your neighbour’s cat

The most cer­tain qual­ity of power is that those who seek it will mis­use it. A sec­ond cer­tainty is that an army of zom­bies will eagerly imi­tate their lead­ers. And so it is with “cyber war­fare”. Gov­ern­ment lead­ers rou­tinely spy on you? No prob­lem. (http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/it-pro/security-it/alarm-bells-ring-as-power-of-data-miners-starts-to-compute-20130609-2nxvj.html ). Any­one from the jan­i­tor in your local pri­mary school, to the super­mar­ket check­out girl, to every fool called “man­ager” will now feel free to watch you through a crack in the door. They will has­ten to be fash­ion­able spies, and at the first chance snitch on you or your neighbour’s cat.

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