268. Trouble with the Sock God

SockGodHave you noticed? It’s the small gods who always make trou­ble. Take the Sock God. With­out fail, each time I wash clothes, the Sock God sneaks in and steals a sock. Once I tried to beat the bug­ger by buy­ing all black socks, so I could match the orphans. Nope. You wouldn’t believe how many shades of black there are. Then there is the Street God. A street can be com­pletely empty. Then as soon as I want to cross it on foot, three cars, a motor­cy­cle and an ambu­lance will appear from all direc­tions. Now you know very well that if you decide to pay for some­thing with all the metal col­lect­ing in your pocket, the Lit­tle Money God will howl with laugh­ter and make sure you are 5 cents short. Then, reluc­tantly using a $5 note, the shop girl will find that she has to give you $3 of change in 10 cent coins. Oh, and never, ever hint to your­self that some­thing is impor­tant or urgent to do. A merry team of Trip Up Gods will make sure that for­get to bring your wal­let, twist your ankle in a rush, and find that the sub­way line is closed for main­te­nance. What kind of mis­chief will they have for us when we finally get to heaven?

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