216. What seems to be the trouble with your country?

You have a king (rule by whim and van­ity)
You have an aris­toc­racy (rule by snobs)
You have a mil­i­tary dic­ta­tor or jaunta (rule by the gun)
You have a com­mu­nist dic­ta­tor­ship (rule by big brother)
You have a fas­cist dic­ta­tor­ship (rule by the jack-boot)
You have a theoc­racy (rule by reli­gious delu­sion)
You have a plu­toc­racy (rule by the born to stay rich)
You have a mer­can­toc­racy (rule by the born to get rich)
You have a klep­toc­racy (rule by thieves)
You have a psy­chotic­oc­racy (rule by the crazy)
You have a psy­chopathoc­racy (rule by dis­pas­sion­ate killers)
You have a fana­toc­racy (rule by fanat­ics)
You have a bureau­cracy (rule by clerks)
You have a tech­noc­racy (rule by geeks)
You have a mer­i­toc­racy (rule by the earnestly wor­thy)
You have a medioc­racy (rule by the ruth­lessly incom­pe­tent)
You have a mediaoc­racy (rule by gos­sip whole­salers)
You have an intel­loc­racy (rule by the born to be right)
You have a peasan­toc­racy (rule by peas­ants)
You have a yoboc­racy (rule by the com­pul­sively anti-intel­lec­tual)
You have a sci­en­toc­racy (rule by the com­pul­sively ana­lytic)
You have a scholas­tic­oc­racy (rule by dis­tracted aca­d­e­mics)
You have a teenoc­racy (rule by teenagers)
You have a fick­leoc­racy (rule by the season’s fash­ions)
You have a glu­toc­racy (rule by glut­tony – yours and theirs)
You have a democ­racy (rule by the mob)
You’ve had hyp­ocrites
You have a headache


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