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254. Life’s Big Tests and Petty Minded Creeps

Life’s big tests are mostly less about fight­ing real mon­sters than find­ing a way past petty minded creeps: their shadow mon­sters are built from stu­pid­ity, igno­rance, greed, incom­pe­tence, jeal­ousy and cow­ardice. Some­times the tough­est part is not being a petty … Con­tinue read­ing

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253. The Magic Law of Thirty

Thirty is a magic num­ber. By 30 Alexan­der the Great was mas­ter of his known uni­verse; (but dead at 33, dummy). So we are sup­posed to be mas­ter of what­ever we are going to be at 30. Well, at least … Con­tinue read­ing

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252. The Moral Dilemma of an Average Man (or Woman)

The Eng­lish word “moral” (adj. moral ; n. moral­ity; v. mor­al­ize) is not sexy. It is stained forever with images of self-right­eous old men say­ing wor­thy things, then rush­ing off (from church or wherever) to lie, steal and coerce the … Con­tinue read­ing

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