249. Are You Real, or a Facebook Image?

In a civ­i­lized coun­try the past is an open book and the future is an open oppor­tu­nity. As with coun­tries, so with peo­ple. There are mem­o­ries we laugh about, and things we would rather for­get, but don’t.  If we can hon­estly remem­ber the good and the bad, and the ordi­nary times in between, then we are whole peo­ple, not just paper cutouts from a pic­ture book. That is why sto­ries are so impor­tant. When the sto­ries are lies, then we are liars, now and into the future. If the sto­ries are hon­est, with a touch of humour, then we have hope. As for peo­ple, so for coun­tries.

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